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Lucernaria haeckeli (as Lucernosa haeckeli), longitudinal section, Plate 18, Fig. 12 illustration from Antipa (1892).

Longitudinal section illustration of Lucernaria haeckeli (as Lucernosa haeckeli), collected from 18-64 m deep on the east coast of Spitzbergen, copied from Plate 18, Fig. 12 from Antipa (1892). This large species has a relatively short stalk (1/3 total animal height) and a rounded, bell-shaped calyx, with a total height of 61-65 mm and mid-bell width of 27 mm preserved in alcohol; with 80-90 tentacles at the end of each arm (inexpert translation by CE Mills). The shadow running vertically on the right side of the image is from a poor xerox copy.

. Photographer: Antipa, Grigore d.1944. Publisher: Mills, Claudia.

Antipa, Grigore d.1944
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