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Lucernaria kükenthali (as Lucernosa kükenthali), longitudinal section, Plate 18, Fig. 10 illustration from Antipa (1892).

Longitudinal section illustration of the type specimen of Lucernaria kükenthali (as Lucernosa kükenthali), collected from 18-64 m deep on the east coast of Spitzbergen, copied from Plate 18, Fig. 10 from Antipa (1892). This species is known primarily for its enormous size, with a height of 150-160 mm and bell width of 55-60 mm preserved in alcohol, so probably a little larger in life; with 800-850 tentacles at the end of each arm; with eight narrow lancet-shaped gonads; with the four perradial marginal bights three times as wide and three times as deep as the four interradial marginal bights (inexpert translation by CE Mills).

. Photographer: Antipa, Grigore d.1944. Publisher: Mills, Claudia.

Antipa, Grigore d.1944
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