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Lucernaria walteri (as Lucernosa walteri), longitudinal section, Plate 17, Fig. 1 illustration from Antipa (1892).

Longitudinal section illustration of the type specimen of Lucernaria walteri (as Lucernosa walteri), collected from 18-64 m deep on the east coast of Spitzbergen, copied from Plate 17, Fig. 1 from Antipa (1892). This species is known primarily for its enormous size, with a height of 150-160 mm and bell width of 55-60 mm preserved in alcohol, so probably a little larger in life; with 700-750 tentacles at the end of each arm; with eight broad lancet-shaped gonads; with the four perradial marginal bights twice as wide as the four interradial marginal bights (inexpert translation by CE Mills).

. Photographer: Antipa, Grigore d.1944. Publisher: Mills, Claudia.

Antipa, Grigore d.1944
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