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Lipkea sturdzii, about half of the original plate 40 (as Capria sturdzii) from Antipa, 1893.

This illustration is most of the left half of Plate 40, from Antipa, 1893. It contains Figs. 1-4, 6-8, and 10 out of 18 numbered figures on the (2 page wide) original plate; from a not-wonderful Xerox copy of the plate. Fig. 1. Capria Sturdzii from above, in profile. One sees particularly well the arms with their nematocyst batteries and the little teeth around the rim of each arm, as well as the crown muscle. Fig. 2. The anomalous five-rayed mouth-stalk with the five-cornered mouth from the side. Fig. 3. Mouthcross from above. Fig. 4. Cross section through the oral part of the umbrella (near the rim); at the outer edge are the four radial pockets and in the middle is the anomalous five-rayed mouth stalk. Fig. 6. Cross section in the region of the central stomach. Fig. 7. Cross section through the umbrella stalk. Fig. 8. One entire arm in preparation. Fig. 10. Longitudinal section through two of the little teeth in the border on the edge of an arm. Ect., ectoderm; Ent., endoderm; Ent.F., endodermal folds; Ex.W., exumbrellar wall; G, jelly; G.F., gastric filaments; Gon.S., gonadal sacks; Inf., infundibulum; Lgsm.F., longitudinal muscle fibers; N.B., nematocyst batteries; N.b., little nematocyst batteries in the rim border; R.S., rim border; R.Z., little-teeth on the rim of the arm; S.L., septal ledge; Sub.W., subumbrellar wall; Z.c., canal in the little-teeth (inexpert translation from German by CE Mills).

. Photographer: Antipa, Grigore d.1944. Publisher: Mills, Claudia.

Antipa, Grigore d.1944
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