Synopsis of the Medusae of the World

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1961
Authors:P. L. Kramp
Journal:Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
Pagination:1 -469
Date Published:November 1961
Type of Article:monograph
Taxonomic name: 
Stauromedusae (Staurozoa), Staurozoa (Staurozoa), Haliclystus (Staurozoa), Haliclystus "sanjuanensis" (Staurozoa), Haliclystus antarcticus (Staurozoa), Haliclystus auricula (Staurozoa), Haliclystus borealis (Staurozoa), Haliclystus kerguelensis (Staurozoa), Haliclystus octoradiatus (Staurozoa), Haliclystus salpinx (Staurozoa), Haliclystus stejnegeri (Staurozoa), Lucernaria quadricornis (Staurozoa), Lucernaria (Staurozoa), Lucernariidae (Staurozoa), Manania (Staurozoa), Depastridae (Staurozoa), Manania distincta (Staurozoa), Manania auricula (Staurozoa), Stenoscyphus (Staurozoa), Lucernaria walteri (Staurozoa), Lucernaria haeckeli (Staurozoa), Lucernaria australis (Staurozoa), Lipkea stephensoni (Staurozoa), Lipkea (Staurozoa), Lipkeidae (Staurozoa), Sasakiella (Staurozoa), Lucernariopsis vanhoeffeni (Staurozoa), Lucernariopsis campanulata (Staurozoa), Lucernariopsis (Staurozoa), Kishinouyea (Staurozoa), Kishinouyeidae (Staurozoa), Manania hexaradiata (Staurozoa), Depastrum cyathiforme (Staurozoa), Depastrum (Staurozoa), Depastromorpha africana (Staurozoa), Depastromorpha (Staurozoa), Craterolophus convolvulus (Staurozoa), Craterolophus (Staurozoa), Lipkea sturdzii (Staurozoa), Lipkea ruspoliana (Staurozoa), Halimocyathus (Staurozoa), Stenoscyphus inabai (Staurozoa), Halimocyathus platypus (Staurozoa), Lucernaria bathyphila (Staurozoa), Lucernaria kuekenthali (Staurozoa), Lucernaria sainthilairei (Staurozoa), Craterolophus macrocystis (Staurozoa), Kishinouyea nagatensis (Staurozoa), Sasakiella cruciformis (Staurozoa), Sasakiella tsingtaoensis (Staurozoa), Lucernaria infundibulum (Staurozoa)
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